Why dispassion from materialistic world is needed to get spirituality?

Why dispassion from materialistic world is needed to get spirituality?

Too much involvement in materialistic world would make you uncomfortable and mostly you are driven by the materialistic forces like, you own desire, other’s desire in you, your expectation from others even from family members, colleagues and friends.

These forces will create unrest in your mind and these will shackle you mentally and physically with the world and bring sorrows in your life.

If your mind is already preoccupied by too much expectations, then your mind will also be involved in planning to vindicate these desires and this will be a double occupancy of your mind. Third, too much ambition for worldly things will also compel you mind to think who is your friend? And who is foe? This will be a triple occupancy of your mind. And fourth, the most serious situation is, you may be compelled to take the revenge even from your close friend or family member when you mind is overburdened of negative thoughts. Ultimately your desires may throw you into the hell of negative thoughts and if these are converted into real acts, these will desist peace from your mind. Finally, if you are still remained some bit of good thoughts, then you might introspect that for worldly things you were running after to bring happiness in your life, now all this brought sorrows in your life. So, too much ambition may devastate your life.

Life gives chance to everyone to achieve the objects in one’s life and this can be achieved gradually through honesty and hard work. But too much ambition for anything may push you towards sorrows. The main object of one’s life should be, to lead a peaceful life without accusation from anyone. People also get involved in social work in their later life stages to get more peace through blessings by doing something for someone. This brings a real peace in their mind. Such people are not too much ambitious and they remain contented throughout their life. Their mind always free from the clutches of negative ideas, revenge, sorrows and they remain always positive.

So, to lead a peaceful life, the best thing is dispassion (Vairāgya) or detachment from mind (no role of heart in making decisions. When mind make decisions overpowered by emotions, people say that their heart made the decision). This does not mean you are relinquishing the worldly things, objects and comforts but you are only disassociating yourself from your heart so that if they disappear, you are not depressed by missing them. You have to practice by thinking that everything even living being is perishable in this materialistic world and things may come or not in one’s life but ultimate object is to be contented with or without these things or objects.

To detach from the worldly objects and things you have to use your wit (wisdom) and contemplate:

  1. Can these worldly resources really provide peace of mind or these just providing body comfort to you?

  2. Have these worldly sources occupied your mental power and preventing your mind to think correctly and make good decisions?

  3. Can people in this world be mentally happy without these worldly comforts or people with these resources are only mentally happy in this world?

To correctly contemplate by wit, you wit should be pure and to make wit pure, your mind should be healthy and pure. So everything is connected with your mind.

To make mind healthy and pure, you should do the followings:

  1. Give your mind rest by sleeping 7 to 8 hours in a day.

  2. Do yoga exercise (Yogāsana) at least 30 min per day in the morning. Do a long walk in the evening. Jogging is not recommended unless you really need it as it brings fatigue to body then to mind.

  3. Overpower your mind and don’t let mind think the negative thoughts and wrong doings of others.

  4. If you still getting negative thoughts, fight with them within your mind and conquer them.

  5. Exchange good thoughts with friends and elderly people who are leading a peaceful life.

  6. Do social work and help the needy.

  7. Don’t be egoistic for your good acts. Try to forget your good acts and bad act of others. Be grateful to others who helped you in the past.

  8. Keep your surroundings clean and healthy, spend time under sunlight and near nature.

  9. Don’t be cruel to nature, animals and anyone else.

  10. Read inspiring books about noble personalities at night until you don’t sleep.

The above all in this article have been explained in simplest way that how to conquer your mind and make dispassion (Vairāgya) from materialistic world. The Hindu methodology explains this method in deeper way using specific terms, but to understand through this method, we have to study body, mind and soul (Jeevātma) also.

I will discuss the third stage e.g. meditation to get the ultimate spirituality after you cross the contemplation and practice of dispassion stages, in next article.


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