What is Adhāytma and how to get spirituality and solace from inner world within you?

What is Adhāytma and how to get spirituality and solace from inner world within you?

The Adhāytma has been explained in detail technically in Hindu Scriptures in multiple places, but for simplification to attain the objective of spirituality by practicing Adhāytma, this is hereby explained in plain words for the people who have not heard anything about it.

You may have certainly used few words that occur in common talking e.g. inner world, outer world, tangible, intangible, materialistic, spiritualistic, austerity, ascetic, solace etc. These words symbolise the persons’ characteristics in common way of talking. You may also aware that outer world, tangible and materialistic are used to explain the worldly things including living beings that are mortal and decay with the passage of time. But, opposite to these, the words spiritual, austerity, ascetic and solace are less understood which definitely belong to the inner world within you. People don’t go easily to the spiritual path as this has nothing to do with money, splendid life and worldly dignity as these are contradictory to the path of solace. Solace can be attained from the path of spirituality (divinity) which is hidden within you and Adhāytma is the path to recognise yourself (your soul) within you. Adhāytma is a mirror, in which you realize yourself when you clean the dust of this mirror and the dust is nothing but your enchantment to the materialistic world only. In summary, you can’t attain spirituality or divinity from materialistic means. It can’t be bought and can’t be sold but it is produced by you and only for you from within yourself. Adhāytma is not materialistic, because it is divine.

There are three stages to get the spirituality through Adhāytma :-

Step 1 - Contemplation – Arguments with your mind

Step 2 - Dispassion - Detachment from materialistic world

Step 3 - Meditation – Discernment of yourself (your soul)

You may have seen the hermits roaming in the materialistic world and saying that they are renunciated (taken Sānyās) now, but, in real, they may not have attained the divinity, because they are just exercising to attain it. Actually, you would not see the people boasting to have attained spirituality, who have really attained it because they become introvert and they get more from within rather boasting to external world.

What is for contemplation (Mānāna) to become spiritual?

Your mind is responsible for every resolve/determination (Sānkālpa) you make, and the outcome of every resolve. You will sure get the outcome of every resolve (either good or bad) you make. Every resolve you make first converted into act (Kārma) by you, then outcome of that act returns in form of destiny only to you. You will get the outcome of your own acts, none of other’s acts. So, you are bonded to accept consequences for your own acts. This bondage is called (Kārma Bāndhāna). Maximum people identify this whole statement as Kārma.

However, you have the advantage to be bonded with outcomes or not. There are other two words Nishkām (to act without expecting the fruitful) and Sākām (to act expecting of fruitful). Therefore, to act expecting the fruitful results (may be good or bad) with self in mind, bonds you with the outcomes, which become your destiny, this is called Sākām Kārma. But if you act without expecting the fruitful results i.e. discharging your family responsibilities without self in mind will not bound you with outcomes and this will escape your destiny, this is called Nishkām Kārma.

The above para explains, how you are bounded to the materialistic world by attaching yourself with the destiny because, you have expected something fruitful in return for your acts even you are doing welfare works for the society. The destiny will definitely return the consequences to you or by way of other means in other city, country or in rebirth as you are marked/flagged by the Sākām Kārma. The results of any Kārma never destroy, Sākām Kārma will make your destiny and Nishkām Kārma will take you to the spirituality. 

So, these are the foundations of contemplation from where you can start your journey towards spirituality. You will definitely go deep into contemplation after initial practice of churning your mind and you will discuss and argue with yourself for every act you are going to perform considering its consequences. This practice will help reduce your negativity and bad habits and will fill the positive energy and zeal to act for good causes and you will feel that your good acts are accompanied by divine forces.

However, contemplation is the first part in journey to spirituality but its success will sure lead to the right path of spirituality. I will discuss the dispassion or detachment from materialistic world in next article in few days. 


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