Meditation - A path towards absorption, emancipation, spirituality and self-realization

Meditation - A path towards absorption, emancipation, spirituality and self-realization

As discussed in earlier articles related to Adhyatma and dispassion to get spirituality through contemplation, dispassion and meditation. To continue with the same to get spirituality, the last and important step is meditation.

But before understanding the meditation, it is important streamline what is this path, where we are going to and what we are going to meditate.

As you have experienced in last two articles that we more or less disassociating ourselves from the external world through contemplation and dispassion practices but what we are getting from these practices? Actually, the whole universe is working on an equilibrium system and this equilibrium is a balance between external world which you view from your open eyes and the other is inner world which you can only feel from inside or in crude terms you may call it your feelings and thoughts created by your stable and clam mind or your unstable mind.

There are four types of state of mind in humans:

  1. Faulty state

  2. Unbalanced state

  3. Balanced state

  4. Pure state

The faulty state is, where your unstable mind is not under your control drives you towards acquiring the external worldly resources through any trick or evil tactic. In this state, you think that you are happy and in luxury, but this is not you, this is your mind only. Because your body don’t know, if you are in luxury, comfort or relax state until you get the body interferences.

The unbalance state is, where your mind is in bit of your control. If you are feeling short of any luxury you explain your mind that you will get this luxury or comfort sooner or later. Such people in this state may come in faulty state also.

The balance state is, you keep control almost 50% on your mind, fight with it for evil thoughts it generates. But sometimes you hear the voice of your mind and make the right decision unless this decision do not adversely affect other’s interests. The people in this state should be very careful as sometimes mind may overpower you and you may not know the after effects of your decision.

The pure state is, when you control 100% of your mind. You can dedicate your mind to any task e.g. contemplation, studies and meditation up to your decision but not your liking. This means, your strong decision is more important than your mind’s likes or dislikes. Your mind cannot deviate your decision and this is called strong will power of you. You can achieve any objects by persistently focusing on your object. But, people in this state don’t aspire for worldly objects, instead they prefer the spirituality and beside the God. This state can only be achieved when you have a pure mind and your object is not worldly but only God-realization. The atheism believers don’t go with it as they can’t vacate their mind from worldly aspirations.

Usually, people jump directly on to meditation or being advised, without knowing the fact that their mind still controlling them. When they try to meditate by closing their eyes, the whole world seems to be around them and their thoughts wander in each assignment with which they are struggling to get it done on priority basis. As people have different state of minds and if they start meditation, they may encounter various issues like loss of concentration, lack of interest, annoyed with meditation, sleepiness on trying to concentrate. This is just like a child playing with a graduation text book. If people jump on meditation without knowing the facts, they, many times, vow not to try it as this brings no results to them or a complete wastage of time. Some people still get benefits, if they try seriously, however, they may not be in pure state of mind. In this case, it is called only concentration. Because serious concentration on worldly objects also bring good results, however, in worldly sense only. So, some yoga exercise trainers imparting training in meditation (as they call it), is only a concentration exercise which also gives results in achieving your objects. Therefore, people achieving objects through concentration exercise, call it a peace of mind. But, this peace of mind is only till your next desire to achieve the object is not created in your mind. So this is not bad until you are exasperated by achieving worldly goals.

How to meditate?

The people belonging to balance state of mind are eligible to meditation. You will also ask why pure state of mind people can’t meditate. I will reply that – Pure state of mind people are in the state of absorption (Sāmādhi). They have already passed meditation stage. They practice emancipation through absorption state in secluded places. In other terms, emancipation is only God-realization.

Then, how you know that you are on right path of spirituality? I will say, when people passes the stages of contemplation and dispassion and their interest grows in spirituality. They are more excited to move step forward and come to meditation which is the process of self-realization or you can say God-realization.

To start meditation, you have to find a secluded and peaceful place away from public interference. The best time to meditate is early morning and late night. You should use a comfortable sitting mat (Asāna) and sit in squatting position, but the best pose is Pādmāsāna, if you can easily make it. Keep your spine straight. Your palms should rest onto your knees or make a hand Mūdra position. If you are at home, your face should be towards a clean light color wall. The room light should be medium. You should remember your God and close your eyes. As you already know that you practiced contemplation earlier by judging pros and cons of worldly objects, then you started dispassion from worldly objects. To start meditation, you already win over the worldly thoughts and now it is time to banish all worldly thoughts. In meditation you should go deep in contemplation and concentrate only inside you, not outside world. You should try to realize that there is someone within you just middle in your chest, who watches you all the time, which is your soul (Jeevātma). That soul is the representative of God within you. However, you can’t see him from your outer eyes, but you can feel this Jeevātma from your perception only. In your perception you can imagine the form of your God as per your religion or the name of your God. But you need a pin-point concentration inside you in the middle of your chest. You should also watch that your mind will try to deviate from this concentration but you should be very persistent in your concentration. You should, first try it 30 minutes in first week and increase the limit by 10 minutes every week. When you reach the limit 60 minutes, you should be constant on 60 minutes only. That is enough limit to meditate. After few months, you will realize that you are enjoying the meditation, then you can increase your time limit according to your liking.

You will watch constant improvements in yourself like these below:

  1. Judgement power

  2. Exceptional thoughts

  3. Exceptional perceptions

  4. Attraction power

  5. Positive energy

  6. Elimination of negativity

  7. Security feeling

  8. Sound sleep

  9. Sensing the incidents in your dreams before they actually happen

While practicing the meditation do not utter anything about your practice outside your home. Let people appraise you and tell you about the changes they see in you. That is the success of meditation.

How meditation works?

Meditation is also a part of natural activity. Our mind is tend to access the easy things in this world. It is reluctant to work hard and renounce the worldly objects. But humans are superior to animals as they have capacity to control their minds and realize omnipresence of God. When you vacate your mind from worldly objects, your mind is empty and capable to accept new thoughts and challenges. The more concentration on spiritual thoughts will empower your confidence.

So we have to train our mind to accept new challenges and make it object oriented to gain the super natural powers related to God. But don’t try to be a God. God will himself choose you to be like him. That is how (Ahām Brāhmāsmi) is narrated. That is spiritualism.

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