How to rate Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha (Legislative) members and get report card

How to rate Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha (Legislative) members and get report card

This has been a debatable question for the voters during every election, to whom they should vote. Almost every voter is confused during voting, Should he/she concentrate only on party flags, party majority, local leadership or candidate’s performance?

To judge the right candidate, on the brink of election, is a very difficult task and maximum voters are succumbed to the party campaigns, advts on TV, sign boards or local pressures from neighbours and party leaders during election and mostly voters repent on their decision of selection of the wrong candidate who has done nothing for them. The voter is proved to be toothless tiger who is caged for 5 years and set free for few months in election times. In every election, the slogan is prominent that voter has the power, the Governments are changed on voter’s decisions. Yes, it is true that voter has power to change the Government but what Government next?

The political parties constantly try to improve themselves over a period of time, but candidate selection during election, in absence of correct data, it is a very difficult task for them to give ticket/seat to the right candidate who has very good track record. Usually, the candidate’s polished data is presented before party leaders along with local non-political celebrities to support the candidate, which means, mostly use of muscle and money power to win the elections. In maximum cases, the party relies on this whispered and biased data and compelled to provide the ticket under pressure to the candidate. Here, there is no say of voter as it is impossible for the party and leaders too, to hear the every voice of voter in this dramatic situation. So, you may say that party is helpless in ticket distribution in the current scenario.

It is demand of the day to replace this old system, which ultimately destroys the party’s trust gained over a period of time in public by the previous members . If any new candidate appears for ticket who has only the support of whispers and party donation, the party’s image may be harmed not only in current election but also for coming decades.

So, what to be done to improve this situation, where, party and their leaders are free to take the correct decision in ticket/seat distribution without partiality and favour and their decision to allot ticket to the right candidate, be based on trusted data of voter's likes and dislikes?

Some research work has been done by our team to evacuate the political parties from age-old system of ticket distribution. The concept has been evolved and Voter Dashboard has been created in this website which will reveal all the necessary information regarding:

  1. Legislative and Lok Sabha member’s constituency details and result card for voter’s area. Voter has the power to rate/score and review the current member.

  2. Legislative and Lok Sabha member’s history for voter’s area.

  3. Other contesting and previous members (including other party candidates) details for both legislative and Loksabha in the same constituency along with rating buttons and result card. Voter has the power to rate/score and review the previous and other contesting members also.

  4. State’s political data with number of members from parties in Legislative assembly.

  5. Draggable State map, Lok Sabha Map and District map of the voter.

  6. Number of voters joined in voter’s local area, Assembly area, District area, Lok Sabha area, State level and all India level.

  7. The situation and completion status in Education, Employment, Health, Road and Bridges in the voter’s area at Area level, Assembly level, District level, Lok Sabha level, State level and all India level. Voter’s has the power to change himself the situation of any development and it will display the actual picture of situation in Education, Employment, Health, Road and Bridges in the voter’s area. Voter can review the development situation on monthly basis in all above sectors, if any development occurs in voter's area.

  8. We have initiated with the basic sectors which primarily affects the voter’s life and these have mostly underdeveloped or somewhere untouched sectors. More sectors to be included soon and will be available for the review like electricity, housing, security, pollution, public departments, public transport, irrigation and floods etc.

Demo of voter rating

Let the voters judge the member

As the title prompts a new idea, but, is this possible? The answer is yes. But, the rating of the existing Legislative and Lok Sabha members is not like rating of Bollywood stars, just like clicking a button, as most of election websites are doing. It a continuous process which involves voter’s seriousness to scale the existing member on various factors affecting his life as well his local area. The affecting factors are few but important and just 2 minutes scoring every month during member’s tenure will definitely fill the confidence in voter that the power of scoring the member actually resides with him. This type of scoring promptly shows the results in voter’s Dashboard after voter completes the 2 minutes scaling.

This web-based system will have more trusted data and public/voter say while deciding about the new candidate and it can transform and shift the power of elections into the voter's hand. If you are Indian citizen and logging this website from India you can register and go directly yo Dashboard. Press this button to register:

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