Ganga - A way of life - where soul of the sub­stance attains eternal repose

Ganga - A way of life - where soul of the sub­stance attains eternal repose

Those moun­tains, coun­tries, cit­ies and Ashrams are blessed where Ganga flows in between. The soul of the sub­stance attains eternal repose what can’t be achieved by cel­ib­acy, aus­ter­ity or sac­ri­fice, the one who resort and per­sist with Ganga. These are the quotes every­where in Hindu Ved and Pur­aans.

There are other geo­graph­ical factors and its advant­ages reflec­ted on the Indian civil­iz­a­tion for cen­tur­ies. The Ganga or Ganges as the Brit­ish have termed it as they could pro­nounce, emerges from Gan­go­tri in Uttarakhand in high moun­tains of Him­alaya and eman­ates to the plains up to Rishikesh run­ning around 250 km mer­ging vari­ous trib­u­tar­ies in its way and pro­ceed to Ganga Sagar in West Bengal by run­ning another 2300 km. It has developed many cit­ies and has craf­ted many Civil­isa­tions. Around 50 Lakh (5 mil­lion) fam­il­ies run their live­li­hood dir­ectly in plains by tak­ing shel­ter to Ganga, either from farm­ing, fish­er­ies or con­struc­tion mater­ial sup­plies. Ganga indir­ectly irrig­ates the agri­cul­tural lands of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pra­desh Bihar and West Bengal which means that Ganga affects everybody life in north India. There are other hid­den effects like reli­gious or adven­ture tour­ism which motiv­ates people from all over India and the world to bring near it. The Ganga amasses mil­lions of Hindus every year on its banks where people gather in sac­red fairs like Kumbh Mela, Ardh- Kumbh Mela and monthly Snans. Every­body feels Ganga dif­fer­ently accord­ing to the effects in one’s life but it is true if there were no Ganga in Hindu Cul­ture, the Hindu civil­iz­a­tion would have another face or might be ruined thou­sand years ago. So under pat­ron­age of sac­red Ganga, The Hindu civil­iz­a­tion has nour­ished and flour­ished and given birth to the fam­ous reli­gious places like Rishikesh, Har­id­war, Kashi (Varanasi), Prayag, etc.

In mod­ern India, most of elec­tri­city is pro­duced from Tehri dam in Tehri Ghar­wal which is built on val­ley of old Tehri. The other dam built on Man­eri Bhali is built in just 10 km before Uttar­kashi towards Gan­go­tri. There are other 300 dams are on the way to pro­ceed on river Ganga but too many dams on Ganga will obstruct the water flow and may make our holy Ganga extinct. These are the envir­on­mental con­cerns that are to be focused today to keep its flow unabatedly. The sad aspect is that gov­ern­ments do not plan on a long term basis to retain our nat­ural sources, what they do is just to involve in get­ting fast res­ult to evade the cur­rent situ­ation. It is sorry to say, even min­istry of Envir­on­ment in India decides what is com­mer­cially viable or not. There is no law in India to restrict the deple­tion of Nat­ural resources and retain its her­it­age. Many envir­on­ment­al­ists are con­cerned that if there is no check of com­mer­cial activ­ity like con­struc­tion of dams on Ganga, the Ganga will extinct by 2500 AD.

Some spir­itual aspects of Ganga as described in Hindu Pur­aans which made Ganga so import­ant and for that, it is wor­shipped among Hindus and other com­munit­ies from all over the world.

अग्निना दह्यते तूलं तृणं शुष्कं क्षणाद यथा।
तथा गङ्गाजल स्पर्शात् पुन्सा पापं दहेत् क्षणात् ॥

The liv­ing body of the born or bones of the dead, which soak in the sac­red water of Ganga, never falls from the para­dise. Those, who resort to Ganga after repent­ance of their sins, get the best repose after death. Like the sun, which rises by break­ing the dark­ness, the people who take bath in Ganga, neg­ate their sins.

गङ्गेति स्मरणादेव क्षयं याति च पातकम् ।
कीर्तनादिति पापानि दर्शनाद् गुरुकल्मषं ॥

The one who remem­ber Ganga dur­ing his last moments takes utmost tran­quil­ity. The one who resides on the banks of Ganga feels so much eternal peace which can’t be attained by liv­ing in paradise.

स्नानात पानान्च जाहान्व्यां पित्राणां तर्पणाततथा ।
महापातक वृन्दानि क्षयं यान्ति दिने दिने ॥

The appre­hen­sion of Ganga, touch of sac­red water and holy bath in Ganga will redeem the seven gen­er­a­tions before and after one’s life.


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