This is not Predictive

Do you know ?
1Citizen are not aware of their local problems.
2Don't know the powers of their legislative member.
3Don't know the powers of their Lok Sabha member.
4are not concerned for their area problems.
5ignore the area problems and are happy with their destiny.

Involvement Process

Register to get into system

Get your self registered to get into system. You can register using social accounts like Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Twitter. The benfits of registration are:

  • Create your profile
  • Analysis your area data
  • Evaluate your area memebers
  • consider members on their performance during vote.


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Enter details

Enter your area details

After registration and before creating your dashboard, you will be asked about your area details, so that the system can create your personal dashboard. You will be asked the following details:

  • Enter your Indian State
  • Enter your district
  • Enter your assembly area
  • Answer your area survey


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Complete your area survey

After entering your area details, now complete your area survey. This area specific survey will only concentrate to your local area only. This survey will consist the following:

  • Education status of your local area
  • Employment status of your local area
  • Health status of your local area
  • Roads status of your local area


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Complete area survey
Evalaute members

Evaluate your area members

Evaluate your area legislative members and Lok Sabha members on time-to-time basis, usually monthly basis and give them points. This will be useful, when you choose them during elections. You can evalaute members on following merits:

  • Member heard you?
  • Did he take steps to solve your area problems?
  • What type of problems, did he solve?
  • How is the behaviour of your area members?


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Make decisions during elections

Now you have the your dashboard to decide, how you go with your area member, weather to support him or reject him in next elections. You have all the data related to your area in following manner:

  • Profile of your legislative member
  • Profile of your Lok Sabha member
  • Previous member details
  • current state government structure.


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